About Us

About Us


Timeless Artistry Meets Modern Ingenuity


Exbijou was founded in 2022 by jeweler Anne DuPont, who grew up enamored with her family’s generations-old jewelry workshop in Provence. After studying at Paris’ top fashion institute, Anne sought to blend classical French techniques with contemporary forms. She partnered with artisans across Europe to bring together the best in old world craftsmanship and new world innovation. Exbijou ateliers in Paris, Milan, and New York City produce our signature couture collections as well as offer custom-designed pieces made just for you. Staying family-owned allows us to focus on exceptional quality and service. Much like our jeweled creations, Exbijou aims to be enduring. We reimagine heirloom luxury for the modern patron who appreciates master artistry. Discover the Exbijou difference.

Committed To The Highest Standards

At Exbijou, we are unwavering in our pursuit of quality without compromise. Every material is rigorously vetted and every technique honed through decades of experience. Our artisans have trained for years to master their craft in our Paris, Milan, and New York City workshops. We take immense pride not simply in meeting but exceeding benchmarks of excellence.You can feel the care put into each Exbijou piece. From the brushed finish of a cuff to the calibrated cut of a diamond, we obsess over every detail. It is this uncommonEye for perfection that allows us to create enduring luxury suited for you and your family to one day pass down. Discover what it means to wear or gift a possession truly made to last.

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